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Capital Region Artisan Furniture and More

Inspired, custom creations for inside and outside your home or business.

Dead Wood Field and Furniture is a custom furniture boutique located in Ballston Spa, NY. It was established in 2016 by owner Paul Ilagan. Paul is a local who has been making furniture for over 8 years and is great at taking peoples custom needs and wants and creating them into beautiful wood pieces. Paul first started working with wood at his house, making things he needed outside in the yard such as tables, stands, benches, etc. He then started making things for indoors and adding woodwork into the interior, trying to bring the vibe inside. He would make things like: wall borders, coffee tables, ceiling beams, shelves, etc.  Paul can make anything from small to big. He takes his time in every piece he makes and makes sure everyone is unique in its own way. You can be sure that no two pieces Paul makes are ever duplicated. Every piece is different and unique in its own way and there would not be one identical to it. Most of the wood Paul uses is many years old and comes from old barns, houses, churches, garages, and other old buildings that were knocked down and left to disintegrate over time. Paul uses all of this wood and brings life back to it by using it to design new beautiful custom wood pieces for anyone. He makes sure that every one of his customers is happy and gets exactly what they are looking for at a reasonable price!

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